Pilgrim Path

This blog is the work of a seeker and poet. Walking stick in hand, I head out into the world, not of the world, but in the world. My words and my friends carry me along and light the pilgrim path of spiritual journeys.

Friday, December 29, 2006


With palm upraised I praise the Sky
from whence I came in molecules
birthed at creation; living still
in loving God’s most perfect plan.

With palm downturned I praise the Earth
where I’ll return to join my fate
from fecund ground I’ll spring to life
and live again in great new form.

With palms joined with my brothers near,
I’ll live again to praise the One
and breathing deep my heart does leap
a sign of His pure love for me.

- dedicated with honor and love to Brother Joe Kilikevice, OP

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


A rock and a hard place
have nothing on
books and music
when they conspire
to lure you
into their web.

A midday midsummer saunter
through the bookstore of heaven
is pleasure enough for this savage.
But when the call of a temptress
with a voice of pure honey
blends with sweet notes from her piano,
then surrender’s the only path left.

Lured by these sounds
I crash
on the sharp edges of my soul.
Soothed while wounded
I collapse at her feet
submitting to this overwhelming power.

No words can describe
nor are needed between us
in this deep pas de deux of beauty.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Sometimes words are inadequate,
but also too complex.
I search for something
pre-verbal to express
our deep and holy bond.
How then shall we greet love eternal
when overwhelmed by senses?
To touch without hands in silence
where lovers meet their deep.
Darkness births a wisdom
unknown to the glaring sun.
Relax and let love steep in time
and fill the air
with fragrant rememberings.
Listen for the intake of breath
in anticipation
as the Other draws near.
Words lie…
listen to your senses.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A circle of blogging friends has been having fun in the last day or two coming up with lists of 10 things they love beginning with an assigned letter. Since this blog is titled "Pilgrim Path" I took a shortcut and just assigned myself the letter "P" as I expected I'd be given. Here is my list of "Things I Love" that begin with the letter "P."

Pilgrimage – what I do; where I go; what I live for.

Poetry – my love.

Pasta – my carbohydrate addictive drug of choice.

Paisley – town in Scotland where my parents lived before they emigrated to Chicago.

Psalms – the central focus of monastic worship.

Pets – a source of peace for me in a hectic world.

Pentecost – a favorite church celebration of the arrival of the Holy Spirit among us. The Holy Spirit is the friend I rely upon and whose presence I recognize in the gentle breeze blowing across my skin.

Paintner – as in Christine Valters Paintner (sacredartofliving.wordpress.com/);
a singular blog source of great Peace and inspiration in a crazy world.

Pallaver – a Scottish term that describes the content of speech generated by those
who “talk too much”; often applied to yours truly.

Pizza – See Pasta above.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Come out, the coast is clear.
Those demons who frighten you have gone.
Let your face shine for me alone
and I will honor you with gentle kisses.

I’ll whisper sweet made-up stories in your ear
and we’ll pretend that no one is near.
As we imagine the roles we will play
in this land away from them all.

But more real than in our own skins,
we respond to each other with joy
knowing our true hearts will show
where we are meant to go.

It is easier to live as a soul
who doesn’t fear love in this land
that belongs just to you and me
than in sharing ourselves with the world.


Monday, December 11, 2006


Throw down your colors where you stand.
Share the bright hues of your soul.
Allow others to marvel
at your beauty - be a prophet,
confident of your sacred goal.

They'll flock to bask in your kindness,
like moths to a summer light’s flame.
Leaning into your kindness,
they’ll gather and stay,
seeking rest in your pure holy name.

But guard your strength lest they steal it,
as they fall in love with your deeds.

Let those who seek power
from being your friend
fall behind those with desperate needs.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first
in this new world you’ve come to create.
The lessons you bring
are for pauper and king
let me join you creating our fate.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Darkness falls
light cocoons within
new dawn breaks

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Monday, December 04, 2006


Sacred power flows from within
the heart of the newly formed tribe.
A single heart, source of many,
beating with energy and love
generated freely, respect
and honor lead the way to truth.
One short month since first formed, small bands
gather, while others speak across
distances. Threads interwoven -
gold bringing brightness and raw strength.
So we move on, many voices
singing one song in unity.
With courage we step into the
darkness of creation, certain
that each choice we make will result
in a love that surpasses all
that has ever come before us.

Friday, December 01, 2006

JUNE 22nd

It began on June 22nd,
although hardly anyone noticed.
The day after the summer solstice,
the longest day of the year: June 21st .
The start of summer,
leisurely walks in the park at night,
watching children play after dinner,
talking to neighbors over backyard fences.
The brightest star directly overhead
shining with a white hot brilliance,
brighter than any other day.
But on June 22nd,
the slightest bit of darkness
began to creep into our lives.
Soon, the late afternoon sunlight
took on a yellow tinge as if aging.
Before we knew it,
those last barbecues of Labor Day
finished with our reaching for a sweater.
Just as we put on more clothes,
the trees began to shed theirs,
pushing leaves off branches
to return to the earth
that nourished them into life.
A harvest moon,
another bright star
to captivate our imaginations
signaled even shorter days
and even less time to play.
In thankfulness for plenty
we shared a meal
sprung from earth’s loins,
and the turkey and the darkness
conspired to send us to an early sleep.
But then, a call to be alert once more – Advent.
A time of waiting
that really began back in late June,
but now seems far more real,
with wintry blasts and dark skies
before we can even arrive home after work.
From our depths we summon strength
to prepare the way of the Lord.
This tiny Child who will come to us,
in darkness,
unwelcome in His time.
Shouldn’t He have come when days were long
and our energy was high
and children could stay up late?
No, He brings his own Light,
one that shines for only one night,
a special Light
that young and old
share dreams about
in their beds at night –
dreams of hope.
Hope born on June 22nd
that the Light
slipping through our fingers
would return to us
once again
and forevermore.