Pilgrim Path

This blog is the work of a seeker and poet. Walking stick in hand, I head out into the world, not of the world, but in the world. My words and my friends carry me along and light the pilgrim path of spiritual journeys.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Winter full moon rising
casts a whispery river of light
across my bedsheets.
Climbing into the ready boat
I sail, while overhead,
supernal geese squawk loudly
at this pajama-clad pilgrim.
Trees on the shore nod slowly
having seen this sight before.
Needing neither oars nor rudder,
but only a heart for our Creator,
I gently journey mapless
toward the advent of tomorrow.
- poem inspired by photograph taken by
(and used with permission of)
Christine Valters Paintner at http://www.abbeyofthearts.com
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The late fall morning
whispered in my ear
and gently woke me.
Outside, a bare tree
wrapped in spun cotton
napped a bit longer.
Lazy birds ignored
soft filtered light,
resting in their nests.
My faithful dog, Buck,
shifted giant paws
under his big chin.

Wolves in hidden dens
hunkered further down
to keep themselves warm.
Only stupid men
got up to go to work.

poem inspired by photo taken by (and used with permission of)
James Melnychuk - www.myspace.com/james1116

Monday, November 19, 2007


Frost-tipped fiery leaves
weave a bold blanket
for Mother Earth, who,
after all, has earned the right
to be a little flashy
after months of neglected
quiet beauty.

Dreaming of my glory days
I imagine resting in red clay fields
traveled by pilgrims on their way
to meet who-knows-who.
I’ve walked that path myself
and been blessed by strangers
who’ve walked with me
and changed my life
in curious and unexpected ways.
But I never thought the easiest walk
I’d ever make would be the one,
I make alone today,
to pick my spot for eternity.
Just give me a tree for shade
in the summer, a trickling stream
to quench the thirst of birds
who stop by to sing my favorite hymns.
Maybe a rosebush nearby
to remind folks of beauty
if they catch a whiff.
And a simple white cross
so they’ll remember where I’m from.

And then, each autumn,
when it’s time to fetch the covers,
I’ll revel in the glory
if those leaves create
a bold blanket for me.
Tonight, as I lay me down to sleep,
I’ll pray I’ve earned it.
poem inspired by photograph taken by
(and used with permission of) James Melnychuk -

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Fourteen billion
year old molecules
crashing, caroming

randomly becoming
fire, water, earth and air
heading toward

this one,
perfect morning
where truth reveals itself,
for just a moment,
to those with ancient eyes.

poem inspired by photograph taken by
(and used with permission of) James Melnychuk-

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I need to hear your voice tonight
to fill my heart with your sweet sounds,
so when that urgent angel leads me
into heaven’s gentle realm
I’ll hear your spoken words of love
become a song on strangers’ lips,
recognized by others as
the eternal hymn of grace.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


What if…
on a mid-fall late afternoon
just as the light begins
to fail the day,
you were to take a walk
into a dark wood?

What if…
you heard the last refrains
of a robin's lullaby?
you saw a chipmunk
darting home with a snack
to savor at midnight?
you caught the sweet whiff
of soggy leaves
in the brief moment
before they became rich humus?

What if…
on your walk
you came across
a small wooden cabin,
unlocked door slightly ajar
with a faint glow of moonlight
visible through the keyhole?

What if…
when you walked through that door
and knelt on the floor
you felt the well-worn tracks
where others kneeled
and prayed before?

Would you have any more questions?

poem inspired and photo provided by Christine Valters Paintner

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