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Friday, December 01, 2006

JUNE 22nd

It began on June 22nd,
although hardly anyone noticed.
The day after the summer solstice,
the longest day of the year: June 21st .
The start of summer,
leisurely walks in the park at night,
watching children play after dinner,
talking to neighbors over backyard fences.
The brightest star directly overhead
shining with a white hot brilliance,
brighter than any other day.
But on June 22nd,
the slightest bit of darkness
began to creep into our lives.
Soon, the late afternoon sunlight
took on a yellow tinge as if aging.
Before we knew it,
those last barbecues of Labor Day
finished with our reaching for a sweater.
Just as we put on more clothes,
the trees began to shed theirs,
pushing leaves off branches
to return to the earth
that nourished them into life.
A harvest moon,
another bright star
to captivate our imaginations
signaled even shorter days
and even less time to play.
In thankfulness for plenty
we shared a meal
sprung from earth’s loins,
and the turkey and the darkness
conspired to send us to an early sleep.
But then, a call to be alert once more – Advent.
A time of waiting
that really began back in late June,
but now seems far more real,
with wintry blasts and dark skies
before we can even arrive home after work.
From our depths we summon strength
to prepare the way of the Lord.
This tiny Child who will come to us,
in darkness,
unwelcome in His time.
Shouldn’t He have come when days were long
and our energy was high
and children could stay up late?
No, He brings his own Light,
one that shines for only one night,
a special Light
that young and old
share dreams about
in their beds at night –
dreams of hope.
Hope born on June 22nd
that the Light
slipping through our fingers
would return to us
once again
and forevermore.


Blogger Anna said...

Very insightful.

5:05 PM  
Blogger brd said...

Wow! This is incredible. I love it.
I am going to link to it from my blog about advent.

2:44 PM  
Blogger aka lucy said...

it seems as if advent and darkness are the two topics i find myself drawn to more than ever this year. thank you for your insight. i found myself wondering about the obvious connection between christmas and winter solstice when the light began to shine a little brighter in the world. blessings--

9:23 AM  

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