Pilgrim Path

This blog is the work of a seeker and poet. Walking stick in hand, I head out into the world, not of the world, but in the world. My words and my friends carry me along and light the pilgrim path of spiritual journeys.

Monday, June 26, 2006


O Mepkin, Garden of Eden,
Your arching oak branches spun with Spanish moss embrace us.
Dragonflies skim the earth showing us the way.
Dancing squirrels delight in search for freshly sprouted mushrooms,
while tiny frogs content themselves hiding in the shade.

The Lady Vivian toils in God’s workshop,
matching her skills with nature’s magic.
Jesus stands as a sentinel between two paths.
Memories of Robert Frost tug us to the one less traveled.

The earth yields wet, heavy air from past rains
as the sun beats down on our bare neck.
We come across a gate ajar that beckons us.
Steeped terraces of richly colored flowers generously share their beauty.
Nearby the backwaters of the river teem with life.
Graceful blue heron circle over basking alligators, turtle and snakes.
A lesson of wildness and peace is well taught.


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