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Friday, May 04, 2007


There are times I can’t bear the thought of more words.
Seems the world is full of conflict and pain
induced by the thoughtless rantings of mean hearts,
whose sharp-edged bullets lodge in our weakest spots.

Often times when we walk on our journey
unguarded and carefree among lovers and friends;
those who carry a piece of our pierced souls inside them,
will unleash a loose word, bring staggering pain.

Sudden sounds spoken quickly as a cheap balm
to simply assure ourselves we’re still alive
can become irretrievable, inflict deeper wounds
than the conscious mind can fathom.

To suffer gladly such offense would make of it
a victim’s stew, rich in guilt and poisonous intent
ladled thickly, eaten hot. No, let us bind our open sores
with generously slathered forgiveness.

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Blogger Anna said...

I wonder if those speaking the words that bring pain realize the effect of their words.

3:57 PM  

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