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This blog is the work of a seeker and poet. Walking stick in hand, I head out into the world, not of the world, but in the world. My words and my friends carry me along and light the pilgrim path of spiritual journeys.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Moonlight streams through shutter slats
delivering seeds of dreams
harvested by nascent spirits
yearning to be free.

I yield to sleep atop warm blankets
heated by my lazy felines,
conspiring with the otherworld
to seduce me into slumber.

Where do these pictures rise up from
of far’way lands and strange events?
But still a part of who I am
although I may not think so.

Dark words and darker stories strike
when I can least deflect them.
Their echoes during waking hours
can put a heart to test.

Truth and dreams, in early hours
meet to sear into my heart
lessons my mind won’t recognize:
experienced and learned.

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Blogger John said...

Glad you're back, Rich. "But still a part of..." - that's a deep vein.


5:32 PM  

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